Polish Book Market

By mid-2014, in the ISBN database maintained by the National Library, there were almost 40,500 publishers registered in Poland, though not more than 2,000 - 2,500 of them are active (publishing several books in the course of the year).

However, the market is highly concentrated. The 300 largest publishing firms hold almost 98 per cent of it. Approximately 600 - 700 firms publish more than ten books per annum, and more than 300 achieved a turnover of over 1 mln zlotys (€ 235,000), and approximately 160 achieved a turnover exceeding 2 mln zlotys (€ 470,000) in 2014. Most of the other registered publishers have only issued a very limited number of books and do not take part in the publishing market.

To read the full version of the Report by Piotr Dobrołęcki of Biblioteka Analiz sp. z o.o. visit The Book Institute


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